What We’ve Worked On



There is a steep increase in the number of new buyers inquiring and purchasing a property outside London. This is partially attributable to the subsequent lock-down and changing work patterns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As there is less of a physical presence requirement in London, there is an increased demand for property in suburbs that present good transport links. Halkin Investment Real Estate Limited saw this as an opportunity and has begun work with credible developers to provide superior quality to buyers.

In November, Halkin Investment Real Estate Limited has signed a joint venture agreement with Marshall Eton Developments Limited. to develop two residential real estate projects in Farnhamm, the borough of Waverly and Sonning, Berkshire. These projects are valued at GBP35m-GBP40m. 

Halkin Real Estate Limited holds a 49% stake and also assisted the developer in organizing the capital required in the form of senior debt, mezzanine Debt and Equity. 

Upon signing the Joint Venture agreement, both Simon Marshall (CEO of Marshall Eton Developments) & Bashir Ahmad (CEO of Halkin Real Estate Limited) reinstated their joint commitment to further expand business relationships and bring interesting developments and projects to the Joint Venture.