Our investors can use the following ways to access our range of Investment Opportunities:

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Investors can participate in using this investment vehicle by collectively purchasing an equity stake in a property development directly through a joint venture with the developer. This entitles them a portion of profits upon exit. These types of investments are typically secured against the title deeds of the property and through personal guarantees from the developers. Returns using this vehicle can be either guaranteed or based on the shareholding and project returns. Most investors opt for guaranteed returns, which is backed through personal guarantees of the developer and pledge of shares of the property holding company with an inter-credit agreement with the senior lenders.


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Through Mezzanine debt investment vehicles, professional investors can collectively provide their funding in the form of a mezzanine loan to the developer. Investment returns are made in the form of interest. The investment is typically secured with a second legal-charge against the property with an inter-credit agreement with the senior lender, alongside personal guarantees from the developer.

Halkin Real Estate Limited also acts as an investment vehicle for the owner and principal of HREL to invest alongside other qualified investors. This concept of co-investing ensures that there is a complete alignment of interest amongst Halkin Real Estate Limited & Other Investors. Typically, Halkin Real Estate Limited will make anywhere between 10%-50% investments in such projects.